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Think Hallmark Cares

This page is dedicated to the people and organizations we care about and support.  

Volunteering at Salvation Army

Think Hallmark Volunteers at the Salvation Army!

Some of our Think Hallmark team members got together to volunteer at theSalvation Army on May 30, 2016.  We made a Friendship Soup and served our community.  If you ever are feeliing down, the best way to lift yourself up is to help someone and put a smile on their face, even if just for a moment. 




Think Hallmark Real Estate is a proud member of the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce.

Click here to view the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce website and see what's happening in our area



Empowering Youth Through the Art of Independent Film - The

Production Farm (TPF) teaches independent filmmaking to teens primarily in the foster care system. This gives them an opportunity in a field that may not otherwise be offered to them and more importantly gives them a safe creative outlet to find that their voice matters. Pairing gardening, animal care, community outreach and filmmaking gives these teens the essential life skills that helps them build self worth and a desire to participate as healthy, active members of society while they mature into adults.

TPF has now found their Forever Farm.
Help TPF secure the location. Your donation will help "Grow the Farm" as the initial funds raised will go towards the purchase of the farm space and general start-up expenses. This spaces will allow TPF to continue working full time in the community that will be impacted and to create relationships with surrounding areas. All funds go towards supporting these programds for foster teens. 

Click here to learn about TPF and to see how you can help "Grow the Farm". 


1776 American Dream is an organization supporting veterans' important needs.

Click here to learn about or support the veterans. 

Prevent Suicide Fox Cites is a non-profit organization supporting suicide prevention, intervention, and response. The organization is run by volunteers welcoming and appreciating the help of any person or group who wishes to support their efforts.

PSFCClick here to learn more about this organization. 

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