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Promoting health in our daily lives

“The greatest wealth is health”

In today’s society we try and focus our efforts on eating healthy and living healthy. Our staff here at Think Hallmark Real Estate all have different yet similar ways of staying healthy in their daily lives.

Q: What is the daily recommended amount of exercise for healthy living?

A: For most healthy adults, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week, or a combination.

Q: How much do we actually exercise?

A: Researchers found that adults only do an average of 17 minutes of fitness activities per day, amounting to about 110 minutes per week.

“Yes I’m trying to eat healthy, No I’m not on a diet!”

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Think Hallmark’s Healthy Living Habits

Kaleigh Meek our dircetor of administration is one of the biggest advocates of heatlthy living. Kaleigh not only exercises every morning but also does a work out everyday after work. Kaleigh is a member at experience fitness here in town. Along with her daily workouts Kaleigh eats the healthiest out of all of us here in the office. Our favorite husband and wife team, Jerry and Sue Wollersheim are also big advocates for healthy living. It is possible you have seen them walking around the city. Sue say’s people call her and Jerry the “walkers.” As they are getting older the Wollersheims find it as important as ever to keep up daily habbits and they love to enjoy the good weather while it lasts. Max Dieck is a natural runner and says he has always enjoyed running as a way to exercise. Running is a great full body cardio workout and Max tries to get out and run as much as he can. Kevin Dieck is also a avade walker and goes on a 2 mile walk daily, along with lifting weights. We all have our various ways of exercising here at the office but what remains constant is our commitment to make hallmark a way of life especially with our health.  


Eating Right Is Not Dieting

Choosing to pick healthy foods is the same as choosing take a shower everyday. You don’t necessarly have to take a shower everyday, but if you didn’t you would be dirty and smelly, the same can be said about eating healthy. You don’t have to eat food that’s good for you, but if you don’t you may be out of shape, unhappy and unhealthy. Food is our friend and we need to learn to love food for its natural benefits and stop being afried of it. Educating yourself about the food you’re consuming is half the battle. 

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The Think Hallmark team’s favorite cuisine

“They have this burger called the Big Pappa. It should be illegal”

Here at Think Hallmark Real Estate, we work hard each day to provide excellent customer service to the Fox Valley community. After a hard day’s work, like any other Wisconsinite, we like to blow off some steam at our favorite local establishment. Some of the best restaurants in the state are located right here in the valley. Supporting local businesses has always been important to us and it helps that we have some of the best eats right around the corner.

Kevin Dieck, our broker can’t get enough of the swanky atmosphere and creative dishes at the local favorite, Rye. Whether it’s a client lunch or a family get together, Kevin agrees Rye is the perfect place. Some of the other agents seek out a more casual atmosphere.

Max Dieck raves about the delectable soul food found at the Cozy Corner. “They have this burger called the Big Pappa, it should be illegal!”

Kaleigh Meek our director of administration, spends most Saturdays at Tempest Coffee. “It’s one of those hidden gems.” Tempest is located in the new River Heath apartment’s right by the water.

If you are in the mood for something with spice Lahkeesha Ghastin’s favorite flavors are found at Basil Café on Richmond St. Home to Thai and Vietnamese cuisine that is out of this world. You can make Basil’s your next adventure.

However you can’t just take our word for it. If you haven’t been to any of these local favorites, then what are you waiting for? Think of it as our personal referral. Get out there and find your new favorite.  


SUBMIT: Clip art hands.pngWhy We Work By Referral…

“Relationships are more important than transactions.”
You may have noticed that many real estate agents take a transactional approach to sales. Identifying clients, closing the deal, and then moving on to the next. Here at Think Hallmark, we choose not to work that way because we believe you deserve more from the professional you decided to work with.
“Working by referral is all about trust.”
 Let’s face it, when we are looking for service we look for someone we can trust, somone proven, who comes highly recommended.